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At the top of this page is a carousel slide show of many of our beautiful dachshunds. We feel it is very important for you to see the actual dachshunds used in our breeding program.

We have a couple very exciting litters being planned for 2015. An application is required to be put on a waiting list for upcoming litters. Click here to open our puppy application After completion, email to paradise_dachshunds@yahoo.com


Mission Statement

1) To strive to breed higher quality, genetically sound and healthy puppies for both the show ring and the conscientious pet owner.

2) To educate the prospective owner to assure that each puppy has every opportunity to be loved and well cared for during the duration of its life. 

3) To assure that each breeding is researched and planned for the betterment of the breed and to follow the AKC & Dachshund Club of America's Code of Ethics.

Please Note: Paradise Dachshunds support the AKC's, The Dachshund Club of America's, and the SPCA's position on spaying or neutering companion animals on a spay/neuter contract with AKC 'limited' registration papers. I will be of support to all my owners and am willing to take back any dachshund I have bred, no questions asked. I do not want my dachshunds to ever be transferred or sold without my knowledge. We hope you will come back to our site more than once and if you have suggestions or questions, feel free to contact us at anytime!

Puppy buyer guidelines and suggestions- When looking for a puppy, be it from us or from any breeder, there is one simple thing that you can do that will ensure that you get the very best puppy for you; THINK! Think about the lifestyle that you lead. Will there be long periods of the day that you will be away from home? Do you have very small children in your home? Are there other adult dogs already in your home? Perhaps in these cases an older puppy would be better suited for you.

Why? Many breeders keep promising show prospects for several months after their litter mates may have left to their new families. Sometimes, in spite of all the breeders measuring, training and hoping, some puppies just don't develop the characteristics that we originally thought he would or that we had bred for. This type of older puppy would be nicely suited for a family with small children who may be unfamiliar with how to handle the smaller puppy. The advantages of an older puppy are many; often he is already crate and/or house trained. He walks on a leash and exhibit good puppy manors. He is socialized around other canines and he has all of his shots. He is accustomed to being groomed and handled and what you see is what you get with respect to color, size and temperament. Because the investment of both time and expense are greater, a breeder may ask a slightly higher price for this puppy. Pay it, it's well worth the extra few dollars to save months of intensive training and medical updates, often 1 trip to a Veterinarian will differ the additional cost up front.

Think about the type of temperament that best suits your living situation. Do you live in an apartment building, where noise may be an issue? Are you a homebody or do you like to travel? Are there other pets or do you have frequent visitors? All of these questions help to determine whether the quiet, content, sit on your lap puppy would be happiest in your house, or would the get up and go "spitfire", ball of energy puppy do better? Puppies are like people, they have inherent qualities that make them individuals, regardless of your situation, you do not want a frightened, scared or nervous puppy, this type of puppy needs a special situation and it is the responsibility of his breeder to see that the special socialization and training needs of this puppy are met BEFORE he is adopted. However, if a puppy comes to you freely and would rather sit on your lap than chase a ball, this does not mean he is a good puppy or a bad puppy. It may help determine if he is the right puppy for your life style. Certainly an older person or a stay at home person would be the best candidate for this pups long-term happiness.

Think about the long-term plan and provide an alternative. Where do I foresee my life 15 years from now? Do I own or rent? My kids have promised to do all the work if we bought them a puppy, isn't that a great way to teach them responsibility? OK, which one of these questions bothers me the most? ALL OF THEM! Puppies are for life, they are like adding another child to your family structure, the only difference is that a puppy will never learn to brush his own hair and teeth, he will never learn how to make his own food and he will never be old enough to stay home alone while the rest of the family goes on vacation. Puppies do not make good Christmas and Birthday presents, in fact most reputable breeders will not allow you to purchase a puppy as a surprise gift for a family member or friend. Why, because the responsibilities of dog ownership are many and the average Miniature Dachshunds live 12-16 years. If a breeder is going to entrust a lifetime of care and feeding of his puppy to someone, it is going to be a person who is prepared to accept full and total responsibility.

Buying a puppy for a 10-year-old child is NUTZ! This puppy will be around, god willing, while that 10 year old grows up, goes to college, starts a career, gets married and blesses you with a grand child…Now, who is really going to be responsible for the life time care of this puppy? I am not saying if you have a child you should not have a dog, in fact, I feel that kids and puppies belong together. But the adults in the household must accept responsibility for the life of this new family member.

Frequently asked question? Do both parents live on the property? What is the correct answer for this question? Often a bitch that a quality breeder has is co-owned with a second party. The mother may not live with the breeder. HOWEVER, the breeder should be able to arrange a meeting with the puppy's mother, by either scheduling her to visit at the time of your visit or by getting you in touch with the co-owner so that you can visit her at home.

The best breeders recognize that their dogs are not perfect; they choose a mate for their bitches based on the qualities that a good stud dog can offer his line or breeding program. In some cases that dog may be from another state on another coast or another country. The breeder should be able to produce a quality photo of the stud dog and the name and number of the owner. So if circumstances allow you to meet both parents, GREAT, but a valid reason for not having the parents on the property should not be a problem when you are dealing with a reputable breeder of quality dogs.

"I do not care if the parents are champions, I only want a pet. " YIKES! Of course you should care. The fact that a breeder has invested the time and money necessary to make his breeding stock into champions shows you that he believes that his dogs exhibit the qualities and characteristics, with regard to size, color, temperament and longevity, that made you attracted to the MINIATURE DACHSHUND in the first place, and that the educated judges who inspected the dog at the conformation events agreed that these specimens are dogs of quality.

A reputable breeder is breeding with the intention of "IMPROVING THE BREED" This means paying attention to every aspect of the AKC standard of perfection. Temperament, health, longevity are all things that REAL breeders address. The worst thing a breeder can do is introduce weak, unscrupulously bred lines into a pedigree.

Pet stores/puppy mills have no second thoughts about putting any old name on a litter registration, they do not keep in touch with their puppy buyers and track the health and longevity of their puppies. So why would you want this behind your new puppies pedigree? And last but not least, Use common sense.

Visit the puppy where it lives; If a breeder asks you to meet them and their puppies anywhere but at the home where the puppies are being raised. Ask why, I for one want to see where a puppy is raised before I bring it home. Picking up a puppy from a person in a van or at a friends house or Vet's office parking lot... no matter how nice they seem, is just DUMB! I want to see if the person selling me the puppy is really who they represented themselves to be. Best way to do this is to visit their home!

Shown below is myself and Tessie, the first dachshund puppy I ever went into the show ring with. She and I had fun at the Ladies Kennel Club Dog Show together back in June 2009. She is the great grandmother of Skye (owned by Diana) and my current show prospect Geena!


Check out the Champions page for additional info and pedigrees of our dogs. Also see Currently Showing and Show Hopefuls

We Do Not Ship Our Puppies

We do not sell puppies sight unseen. We prefer everyone come to our home or meet us at a dog show for an initial visit. We can also meet you at the airport or deliver the puppy to you by car for an extra fee. We are courteous, helpful and ready to answer any questions that you may have. We require everyone to complete a puppy application and meet the puppy in person.

Below is Tina (GCh Magnolia's It's Tina's Turn At Paradise MS) our top award winning miniature smooth female.

Our Puppies

Please go to About Us for more information about Paradise Dachshunds.

To read about dachshunds, print out our puppy application, learn about the written breed standard, how to pick a puppy, etc. please click on these links:

Dachshund Handbook
Puppy Application
Breed Standard
AKC How To Pick A Puppy
After You Get Your Puppy by Ian Dunbar

Congratulations On Your New Dachshund

Shown below is Skye (Paradise's View From Above MS) a Champion Ryan and Gigi puppy showing off her skills in agility at the Doggie Fun Zone at the Ladies Kennel Club Dog Show. Skye is owned by Diana and loves to fly!


Check out the Resource Center page for additional info and links.


Hi Helen - Just wanted to say hello and update you on Fig. She is doing so well! We went to the vet to get her 12-week shots today and she is up to 5lbs! She is in tip-top shape and just the best, cutest, happiest little weenie we could have hoped for. I've attached a picture of her from this past weekend. ​
Liz, Peter & Fig, New York City

Hi Helen, I just wanted to let you know that Rudy passed his test and is now an AKC star puppy. He now moves up to beginner basic 2 and then canine good citizenship. He is filling out in his chest. He is a delight and smart as a whip. ​
Martha, Princeton

Thank you Helen for trusting me with these two amazing dogs, Stretch and Skye. They bring so much laughter and joy to our house and thank you for getting me involved in conformation show ring. Your help and guidance I could not do without. ​
Diana, Taunton , MA


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